Behind the Bench Episode One: Cam Squared

Welcome to our very first episode of Behind the Bench from AJP-Heart and Circ, where we try to get the story behind the story from the researchers themselves. In this episode we talk with Camilla Wenceslau, an Assistant Professor at University of Toledo, and Cameron McCarthy, a Postdoctoral to Faculty Fellow also at University of Toledo. Camilla and Cam co-authored a recent article in AJP-Heart and Circ. They’re both early career investigators, and husband and wife. We enlisted the help of Jonathan Kirk (Loyola University Chicago) and Lisandra de Castro Bras (East Carolina University) to interview this dynamic duo, with special cameo appearances by some familiar AJP-Heart and Circ personalities. How did science bring “Cam Squared” together? Let’s find out.


Cameron G. McCarthy, Camilla F. Wenceslau, Fabiano B. Calmasini, Nicole S. Klee, Michael W. Brands, Bina Joe, and R. Clinton Webb Reconstitution of autophagy ameliorates vascular function and arterial stiffening in spontaneously hypertensive rats Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol, published October 23, 2019. DOI:

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