Cardiac Mineralocorticoid Receptors Diastolic Dysfunction

What role does a “Western diet” –one largely centered around high fat and high fructose corn syrup intake—play in the metabolic syndrome of insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity? Deputy Editor Dr. Merry Lindsey (University of Mississippi Medical Center) interviews first author Dr. Brian Bostick (University of Missouri) and content expert Dr. Nikolaos Frangogiannis (Albert Einstein College of Medicine) in this latest podcast exploring the unique bedside-to-bench work by Bostick and colleagues. Using the recent TOPCAT trial as a springboard, Bostick and co-authors examined whether spironolactone had any beneficial effects on mice with obesity and over-nutrition induced diastolic dysfunction. Listen as we explore how treatment with spironolactone affected M1 and M2 macrophages differently. With more than half of heart failure patients admitted to hospitals today suffering from diastolic dysfunction, does spironolactone have promising therapeutic applications related to obesity and cardiac function?

Brian Bostick, Javad Habibi, Vincent G. DeMarco, Guanghong Jia, Timothy L. Domeier, Michelle D. Lambert, Annayya R. Aroor, Ravi Nistala, Shawn B. Bender, Mona Garro, Melvin R. Hayden, Lixin Ma, Camila Manrique Acevedo, James R. Sowers Mineralocorticoid Receptor Blockade Prevents Western Diet-induced Diastolic Dysfunction in Female Mice Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol, published online March 7, 2015, doi: 10.1152/ajpheart.00898.2014.

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