Phospholemman, NA+/CA2+ exchanger, and cardiac contractility

In our latest podcast we present the article by Wang et al., which explores regulation of sodium-calcium exchange by phospholemman and the possible role of that in cardiac stress responses (such as fight-or-flight). Associate Editor W. Gil Wier moderates a discussion with renowned expert Donald M. Bers (University of California-Davis) and lead author Joseph Y. Cheung (Thomas Jefferson University), who examinethis innovative study and ponder the way to pin down the role of phospholemman at the molecular level.

JuFang Wang, Erhe Gao, Joseph Rabinowitz, Jianliang Song, Xue-Qian Zhang, Walter J. Koch, Amy L. Tucker, Tung O. Chan, Arthur M. Feldman, and Joseph Y.Cheung. Regulation of in vivo cardiac contractility by phospholemman:role of Na+/Ca2+ exchange. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 300: H859-H868, 2011.

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