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Temporal Dynamics of Acute and Chronic Heart Failure

March 7, 2018

What are the pathophysiological changes after myocardial infarction that effect the left ventricle, spleen, and kidney? Listen as Deputy Editor Merry Lindsey (University of Mississippi Medical Center) interviews lead author Ganesh Halade (University of Alabama at Birmingham) and content expert Zamaneh Kassiri (University of Alberta, Canada) about the novel study by Halade and co-authors which catalogued the time-dependent myocardial damage nexus to cardiosplenic and cardiorenal networks in heart failure pathology. The authors took a unique bedside-to-bench approach in their animal model study, inspired by the whole-body effects myocardial infarction patients experience, as MI triggers irreversible damage to the spleen and kidneys. With references to the new guidelines on ischemia and infarction models in animal experiments and to the push for increased rigor and reproducibility in basic science research, this podcast is a “must-listen” episode!


Ganesh V. Halade, Vasundhara Kain, and Kevin. A. Ingle Heart functional and structural compendium of cardiosplenic and cardiorenal networks in acute and chronic heart failure pathology Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol, published February 1, 2018. DOI: 10.1152/ajpheart.00528.2017

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